Prompt 129 — Next

Title: Rebellion – Book the First

Genre: Science Fantasy

Characters: Richard, Barbara, Julia, Felix

Prompt: 129 ~ Next

Word Count: approx 899

Rating: PG

Type: Series

Summary: Barbara’s worst fears are realised as the new president makes his inaugural speech.

Warnings: Man I’ll have to get used to doing this. Um… lack of morals on Felix’s side? Does that count as a warning? Oh and very tenuous connection to word prompt.

January 20th 2013. 61 Newport Street, Vertbourne, Waldlandia 

The Morris family were gathered round the screen, each suspended on their seats, as if they were at a rollercoaster ride. Like millions of Waldlandians, they too had chosen to watch the inauguration ceremony of their new president. Just two weeks ago, the result had been announced, and Barbara’s heart had sunk as the name of the new president and the result was read out.

Never before had a candidate from the Conservative Waldlandia Party been elected as president and Barbara was fearful for what this might mean for the future of Waldlandia. She took her husband’s hand and squeezed it gently. Richard was a rock to her in such situations. If he was also fearful, he did not show it.

Her main worry though was her 9-year-old daughter Julia. What kind of world would she be living in? Would Waldlandia be a safe place for her in 20 or 30 years time? Sighing she turned back to the TV as the commentator from OFA News announced that it was time for the inaugural speech.

She watched as Felix Thurlby stood amidst the cheers of Waldlandian supporters. He’d been a popular candidate, even getting most of the vote. He was forty-three years old, with short black hair that was just starting to bald, hazel eyes which could convey anger by themselves, and a long drawn face. And he was clever. Far too clever. He was able to play people like Mozart was able to play piano.

When he spoke, it was like the Himalayas were moving, so deep and rumbling was his voice. “America has voted for a strong and confident leader,” he began. He didn’t need to shout. His voice managed to carry itself so far, people on the outskirts of Etchbourne, the capital city would be able to listen without turning on their television sets. “I intend to give the people of this country what they want, what they deserve.”

Julia looked back at her mother. It was obvious that she was stunned, near hypnotised by Thurlby and his words. Almost like brainwashing really, Barbara mused.

“How many presidents have made promises to the Waldlandian nation and failed to deliver? How many have raised taxes on the Waldlandian poor while the Waldlandian rich lounge around on the terraces of their mansions?”

Hypocrite, Barbara thought. Everyone knew Thurlby lived in a manor house that wouldn’t look inappropriate as the setting for Downton Abbey. How could he call out the millionaires when he himself was a billionaire? Who in their right mind had voted for him? What was wrong with the last president? And why in hell was Barbara asking herself questions?

“People tell me that this is the way the world works. But it doesn’t have to be so. We can change our ways. And if Waldlandia can change, surely the rest of the world will follow.”

He paused for a cough as the supporters cheered again. Was this the moment she had been warned about? The e-mail from that she had received earlier that morning had said it would be.

“However,” he continued. “There are people in this blessed country that would stop us from trying to change the system. They would prefer for the rich to be filthily so and the poor to live in drainpipes under the casinos of Monyet. They have the power to stop the divide between rich and poor, to stop the oppression that 75% of this country suffers under. And what do they choose to do? They choose to do nothing.”

“These people are not any form of terrorist group currently active. And yet by doing nothing, they commit treason against the country they live in. They call themselves the Supernatural.”

By now, the crowd was murmuring, each hanging on Thurlby’s every word. Even the commentators had gone quiet.

“Yes,” Thurlby almost whispered although even that managed to carry. “The Supernatural are condemned in the Bible. People believe that they are from hell, specifically designed to ruin life as we know it.”

“So we must contain them. Special camps have been set up. They will be treated fairly, humanely but they will not be allowed to breed. Under my guidance, we will be able to curb the existence of a race that has been allowed to live for centuries. Under my guidance, we can make Waldlandia great again, for our children, and for the next generation.”

Barbara reached for the remote and turned the TV off. Slowly she looked at Richard; the same fear that she felt was staring back at her.

Together, as if they were part of a synchronised dance, they turned to look at Julia who had lost interest in watching TV and was playing with her dolls. She would have to be raised carefully over the next few years. No-one could know about the skills that her daughter possessed. And no-one was going to. This Barbara silently vowed.

Apologies for any mistakes picture-wise, especially for that giant plumbbob in the first picture. I didn’t even notice that till now. Don’t want to retake it though because I like that picture so much.